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                            Updated June 25, 2010

"Mustang Charlie" receives 2009 Mahogany Education Award
March, 2009
   The NAACP honored Charles D. McVean at The Annual Freedom Ball Gala, February 20, 2009. He was selected and recognized by the "2009 Mahogany Education Award."  The NAACP, University of Memphis chapter, selects individuals who have made great contributions to Memphis. "Mustang Charlie" McVean started the Peer Power Program to help improve the academic future for the students at East High.

   The Program has expanded to seven schools. It employs over 150 college and high school honor students to tutor and mentor over a thousand students a day. Five more programs will begin this fall and there is a list of schools which desire a "Peer Power Program."

Alumni reaching back to help students at former school
May 19, 2008
Assisting with tutoring, mentoring, keeping history alive
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East High Foundation Gains Admin Friend
April 21, 20008
President George W. Bush did not forget about his impromptu encounter late last year with a Memphis businessman and a University of Memphis student. Read more ...

East High tutoring program receives supportive nod from President Bush
December, 2007
Program founder Charles McVean ('61), Courtney Richardson ('07), and program director Bill Sehnert    "I just went up and told him, 'I'm Cortney Richardson from the Greater East High Foundation of Memphis, Tenn.,' and 'This is an exceptional program,'" said Richardson, recalling his pitch to Bush... "And we told him Red McCombs said this tutoring program concept is the most significant advancement in education in the last 100 years. (Bush) said right then and there, 'It's a deal.' And he told his personal assistant to give us a business card."
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Alums from '07 and '61, report on success of the 20/20 Vision Tutorial Program
November, 2007

Courtney Richardson ('07) and Charles McVean ('61) on WREG-TV

    East High alumni Courtney Richardson of the Class of 2007 and Charles McVean of the Class of 1961 (third and fourth from the left) discuss the achievements of the peer to peer tutoring program of The Greater East High Foundation on WREG-TV. Watch the video of the interview.

A Learning Revolution    Peer2 Power Trade Mark
December, 2007
   Top-notch students mentor their younger classmates while earning and learning themselves: a life changing experience for all the kids involved.
  • Notable Quotes on Peer Power™
  • The First Job Tutorial Program
  • Tennessee Standardized Exam Results
  • A Proposed Public Policy Platform
  • Dr. Vincent Hunter, Principal of Whitehaven High School, Memphis, Tennessee: The Successful Implementation of Peer Power™ at Whitehaven High School
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Students make real progress at East High.
University of Memphis analysis proves that
Peer Tutoring Works!

January, 2007
  The Center For Research in Educational Policy of The University of Memphis analyzed the results of the Seventh and Eighth grade Tutor Program (The East High Enrichment Academy) at East High School. Seventy students (33%) of seventh and eighth grade students consistently and voluntarily attended after school and Saturday classes last year. The program was available to all students. Exhaustive efforts were made to enroll and encourage all students to take advantage of the Foundation's Program. High School Honor students are trained and employed by the Foundation to tutor the middle school students in Mathematics. The program meets for one hour after school and three hours Saturday morning. The group that attended tutoring are referred to as scholars. All other seventh and eighth grade students are referred to as the control group.

The report is appended for review, but the results indicate:
 1. The seventh grade tutored student/scholars significantly outperformed the seventh grade student (control) that choose not to attend to tutoring. The difference in group means approximated a full standard deviation better.

 2. No (0%) tutored seventh grade student/scholars failed the standardized Tennessee Comprehensive Aptitude Program "TCAP" exam versus 30% percent failure rate of students that did not attend tutoring.

 3. One eighth grade tutored student failed the Eighth grade TCAP exam versus 28% (percent) of the eighth grade control group of students .

 4. Student/scholars in both grades made statistically greater advancement than the control groups.

 5. Scholars that had a history of poor academic performance made greater advancement than the control groups.

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Charlie McVean: The US Economy: How We Got Here, How We Get Out
June, 2010
photo of Charles McVean Teamed together, productivity enhancement and trade deficits are a lethal threat to employment growth in the United States. Secondly, as we shall see, the trade deficit has become a primary cause of the federal deficit. For these reasons, the trade deficit must now be recognized as a grave threat not only to our economy, but to our political stability and national security. A goal of eliminating the US trade deficit, hopefully in a pro-growth fashion, must rise to the very top of our national political agenda.
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Patterned after the highly successful Peer Power Program at East High School, North Bolivar School District announces receipt of $600,000 21st Century Education Grant
September, 2009
The Peer Power Program, which was piloted in the North Bolivar School District in school year 2008-2009, initially was funded by the Greater North Bolivar Schools Foundation. Since the initiation of the program pre- and post-test scores show a dramatic increase and improvement on state tests and an increase in attendance rates among participating students during the short period the program was conducted. Read more ...

The East High Model  "Peer Power Program" is being adopted by other schoolsThe East High Model  "Peer Power Program" is being adopted by other schools
December, 2008
     More than 1,000 students participate daily in the four-year-old program at 5 schools in Memphis and 3 schools in Mississippi. See a presentation ...

National and local news media recognize accomplishments of the Foundation!
January, 2008
    Local television station highlights The Greater East High Foundation's success after Newsweek magazine cites the program. See the video!

Memphis business publication highlights program's appeal to entrepreneurial spirit of student tutors
January 18, 2008
   Peer Power represents the best marriage of business and education.
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A Birthday Celebration of Accomplishments!
November 20, 2007


   East High family and friends celebrated the life-changing accomplishments of a 90-year-old educator, a 60-year-old school and a three-year-old student tutoring initiative in the school auditorium November 20, 2007. Guest speakers included the nationally recognized philanthropist Dr. Carolyn Farb and self-made Texas billionaire Red McCombs.
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City Council's Humanitarian Award Goes to Charlie McVean
December 20, 2007
   "Memphis businessman and philanthropist Charles photo of Charles McVeanMcVean received the Memphis City Council's annual Humanitarian Award Thursday night. The council honored McVean for his lifelong contributions to the city and for a tutoring initiative at East High School. McVean's Greater East High Foundation started and funded the Peer Power tutoring program at East High School." (The Commercial Appeal, December 20, 2007)

Chart of the Century
September 12, 2006
To Editors: Wall Street Journal  
    We would like to share with your organizations a piece of proprietary research so compelling that we named it our “Chart of the Century.”

Scholar's Creed — Ten Times Better
October, 2006   
    I am here today because I want to make my future

A New Approach to Public Policy...
With special emphasis upon solutions to
the current crisis in public education
November 22, 2005   
    "The United States must act now to improve its public schools or it will inevitably jeopardize its future as a great nation."

Pioneering educators raise the bar at East High 
January 11, 2006
New program aims for brighter future at school
    When Paul Adams thwarted the closing in 1978 of a Catholic high school in Chicago, he didn't know he'd become an icon.  

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